Who are we

Pure Beauty was founded in 2019, it is a specialized platform that works on two levels, marketing, clinic support and cosmetic centers to attract a greater number of clients. Pure Beauty provides discount cards for cosmetic services to community members through cooperation with the beauty center and set the terms, conditions and services provided to ensure the provision of the highest level of cosmetic services for clients at competitive prices.

Our message

We aim to provide distinguished services at the best prices and within the reach of all those who wish, through partnership with a group of the best beauty centers and clinics

our goal

To create a large group of clinics and cosmetic centers networks in Saudi Arabia covered by Pure Beauty card to become the first and best partner for those wishing to obtain distinguished care and successful cosmetic services by all standards.

Features of the Pure Beauty Card

  • Covering the largest group of beauty centers and clinics.
  • Pure Beauty offers discount cards for individuals at competitive prices.
  • Pure beauty offers clinics and cosmetic centers a marketing campaign to attract clients.
  • Affordable membership fees.
  • Offering discounts and additional offers after subscribing to the program
  • Comparison between beauty centers and clinics
  • The card can be used directly once the subscription is activated
  • The card can be used unlimitedly without any restrictions.
  • We provide diversity of options in choosing cosmetic centers around the Kingdom
  • One membership card covers one person.

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